Ever driven or walked past a home that has a tree loaded down with fruit in the yard? Ever been tempted to pick it but feel it might be forbidden?

The Garden of Eating — Niagara is a registered non-profit organization that wants to do away with forbidden fruit and share fruit growing in yards, on boulevard or in orchards that would otherwise go to waste.

If you have a tree producing too many cherries for your family to eat, how about sharing them with others in your neighbourhood? Maybe they have a pear tree whose harvest they can share with you.

You or a team of volunteers from The Garden of Eating — Niagara can pick the fruit in your yard, leaving a share for you, a share for the volunteers and a share for the community organization of your choice, such as a local food bank or shelter.

Maybe you don't have a fruit tree but a skill to contribute. Are you a whiz in the kitchen who can turn someone else's crab apples into some kicking jelly? Maybe you have a knack for taking raspberries from an out-of-control cane in someone's yard and turning them into swoon-worthy jam that can be spread around your neighbourhood. Or perhaps you just love being in the great outdoors, picking fruit and being part of a grassroots local food movement.

Think of it as creating a mini neighbourhood fruit co-op — an underground fruit economy, if you will.